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Massage Therapy CE requirements by state (LMNO)


334-010-0050 Continuing Education
(1)The intent of Continuing Education is to protect the public by maintaining knowledge and skills of massage and/or bodywork. Each licensee must complete 25 hours of continuing education each renewal period. The continuing education hours must be from the following topics:
(A)Massage and bodywork techniques;
(B)Use of thermal modalities, topical preparations, mechanical assistive; devices/appliances;
(C)Stretching and gymnastics that lengthen and shorten soft tissues;
(D)Posture and movement assessment;
(E)Massage and bodywork business practices;
(F)Anatomy and physiology of the human body;
(G)Kinesiology of the human body;
(H)Pathology of the human body;
(I)Professional Ethics, Boundaries or Communication;
(J)Cultural competency
(K)Body mechanics;
(L)Somatic education; or
(M)CPR/First Aid.
(a) At renewal time, each licensee must sign and submit a Board supplied CE form indicating they have completed 25 hours of continuing education. The Board may require proof of CE hours.
(b) Of the 25 hours, at least 15 must be contact hours of continuing education training or Board approved activities. At least 4 contact hours must be in Professional Ethics, Boundaries and/or Communication.The remaining 10 of 25 hours maybe contact or noncontact hours.
(2)The methods of obtaining continuing education contact hours shall include:
(a)Attendance of courses, seminars, and workshops sponsored, certified by a licensed or accredited massage and bodywork training program;
(b)Attendance of courses or activities for continuing education offered by a provider recognized by a massage and bodywork professional organization;
(c) Attendance of courses provided by an accredited institution of higher education if topics are listed in OAR 334-010-0050(1)(A-M).
(d)Attendance of courses, seminars, and workshops that meets the content requirement of OAR 334-010-0050(1)(A-M).
(e)Individual interactive distance learning study courses with subject matter that is listed in OAR 334-010-0050(1)(E-J).
(f)Courses in cardiopulmonary resuscitation/first aid if taken in the presence of an instructor;
(g)Providing Board requested peer supervision or Board exam proctoring; One hour of CE contact credit will be given for each meeting/
(h)Attendance at an Oregon Board of Massage Therapists board meeting, board committee meeting,board task force or serving on these committees/task forces. One hour of CE contact credit will be given for each meeting.
(3)The methods of obtaining continuing education non-contact hours shall include:
(a) Publishing an article relating to massage and bodywork;
(b)Self-study based on media (i.e. book/video, periodical,web based, DVD);
(c)Courses or lectures on massage and bodywork which a licensee presents. A licensee may receive credit for presenting a course or lecture only one time per renewal period regardless of how many times the licensee presents the course or lecture.
(4)If the Continuing Education subject matter is not listed under OAR 334-010-0050(1) it will not be accepted for continuing education.
(5)The Oregon Board of Massage Therapists randomly selects a minimum of 10 percent of received monthly renewals for an audit.
(a)If selected for an audit you will have 30 days to complete the audit form and submit copies (not originals) of your Continuing Education certificates.
(b)If you fail to provide the requested information to the Board, within the 30 days, the Board may issue discipline per ORS 687.081 and 687.250.
(6)The continuing education requirement does not apply to a licensee’s first license renewal.
(7)Continuing education must be completed within the renewal period. Contact hours taken and submitted during renewal in excess of the totalnumber required may only be carried over to the next subsequent renewal period.
(a)Contact hours taken in Professional Ethics, Boundaries and/or Communication in excess of the four hour requirement may be carried over to the next subsequent renewal period.
(b)First renewal CE are not required to be submitted at the time of renewal, CE taken during the first renewal period may be submitted with second renewal.
(8)Continuing education records must be maintained by each licensee for a minimum of five years.
(9)If the Board finds indications of fraud or falsification of records, investigative action shall be taken. Findings may result in disciplinary action up to and including revocation of the licensee’s license.
(10)Failure to complete continuing education hours by the time of renewal may result in revocation, suspension and/or denial of a license. Licensee has 30 days from date of notification of non- compliance to come intocompliance. Failure to be in compliance may result in discipline of the license to practice massage.

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