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Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Body of Knowledge
Deep Tissue– Description of the tissues beneath superficial structures which are being treated and not the techniques employed. This term is commonly misused to describe a specific technique.
Deep Tissue Work/Massage– A generic term commonly used to describe a variety of techniques to address specific deep tissues and structures, regardless of the force/pressure being exerted or level of discomfort/pain experienced during and/or resulting from the application.
Massage Today
August, 2008, Vol. 08, Issue 08
A Definition of Medical Massage

By W.D. “Peter” Lane, LMT, CNMT, NCTMB

Peter Lane’s Definition:

medical massage should:

  • Be an accepted part of allied health care and physical medicine.

  • Be a system of patient care and treatment based on a medical model that is scientific, hands-on and results-oriented.

  • Be derived from a specific diagnosis that requires certain specific techniques or procedures to bring about a specific measurable response from the patient.

  • Be a discipline that operates as a scientific system utilizing universally accepted medical terminology.

  • Produce practitioners who participate in scientific research that demonstrates a measurable response to a patient’s chief medical problem.

  • Treat a variety of specific musculoskeletal indications with an educated understanding of how every system of the body is affected by every other system.

  • Be a comprehensive set of contraindications for the modality as well.

  • NOT be a system of diagnosis and treatment that relies upon the use of prescription medication to treat musculoskeletal related dysfunctions.

Massage Today
June, 2004, Vol. 04, Issue 06
Defining Medical Massage By James Waslaski

Medical massage is performed with the intent of improving conditions or pathologies that have been diagnosed by a physician; a wide variety of modalities or procedures are utilized to focus the treatment based on the diagnosed condition.

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