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Category: Types of Massage Therapy

Types of Sports Massage

Event massage – Pre-event, during event and Post-event.  This usually occurs on-site at the actual sports events.  Pre-event massage is different than post event massage.  Pre-event massage is done before the event to further assist in the athletes warm up (but does not replace their physical warm up process) which requires that you have an understanding of the sport that they are participating in.  Massage can change the timing of an athlete’s movement and make […]

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Body of Knowledge Deep Tissue– Description of the tissues beneath superficial structures which are being treated and not the techniques employed. This term is commonly misused to describe a specific technique. Deep Tissue Work/Massage– A generic term commonly used to describe a variety of techniques to address specific deep tissues and structures, regardless of the force/pressure being exerted or level of discomfort/pain experienced during and/or resulting from the application. Massage Today August, 2008, Vol. 08, […]