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Category: State Licensing Laws (US)

Cost of Massage license by state

(Information accessed 02/16/2019. Please provide updates on the renewal timeframes. Post your info in the comments and I will add it to the page.) Alabama Massage Therapist License and Renewal Fee $100.00 Application Request Fee $25.00 Initial Establishment License Fee $100.00 Establishment Renewal Fee $50.00 Initial Massage Therapy School Registration Fee $50.00 Massage Therapy School Renewal Fee $10.00 Massage Therapy Instructor License Fee $10.00 License Reactivation Fee $75.00 if license is expired for more than […]

Massage Therapy CE Requirements by State (HIJK)

Idaho 500. CONTINUING EDUCATION. All licensees must comply with the following continuing education requirements: (3-27-13)01. Requirement. Beginning with the second renewal of their license, a licensee shall be required to complete a minimum of six (6) hours of  continuing education, which shall include one (1.0) hour in ethics, within the preceding twelve (12) months that meet the requirements in Sections 501, 502 and 503 of these rules. (3-27-13)a. An hour is defined as fifty […]

Massage Therapy CE requirements by state (LMNO)

Oregon 334-010-0050 Continuing Education (1)The intent of Continuing Education is to protect the public by maintaining knowledge and skills of massage and/or bodywork. Each licensee must complete 25 hours of continuing education each renewal period. The continuing education hours must be from the following topics: (A)Massage and bodywork techniques; (B)Use of thermal modalities, topical preparations, mechanical assistive; devices/appliances; (C)Stretching and gymnastics that lengthen and shorten soft tissues; (D)Posture and movement assessment; (E)Massage and bodywork business […]

Massage therapy CE Overview

Alabama Title: Licensed Massage Therapist Renewal: 24hrs/2yrs 12 hrs must be hands-on NCBTMB approved courses only Alaska Title: Massage Therapist Grandfathering: Until July 1, 2017. Eligible with proof that performed massage therapy prior to July 1, 2015, background check, CPR. Arizona Title: Licensed Massage Therapist Renewal: 24hrs/2yrs Max 12 hrs online        NCBTMB approved courses only Arkansas Title: Licensed Massage Therapist, Master Massage Therapist, Instructor Renewal: 18hrs/2yrs Max 6 hrs online CE NCBTMB approved courses […]

Massage State Licensing Exams

Arkansas accessed 10/20/2018   1.The Department may administer an examination of its own preparation as the State licensing examination for Arkansas massage therapists, to be administered at the time and place the Department so designates. 2.The Department will accept the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEx) in lieu of the State licensing examination provided that the applicant passes a Department examination that verifies their knowledge of the Massage […]

Sexual Misconduct Laws for Massage therapists by state

Arkansas 16. Sexual misconduct includes:(A) A range of behavior used to obtain sexual gratification against another’s will, at the expense of another, without the client’s knowledge, engaging in sexual activity for profit, or a combination of any of these activities;(B) Massage of the genitalia, anus, and, except under specific circumstances, the breast; and(C) Sexual activity with consent of a client or at the request of a client.

Massage therapy advertising policies by state

Alabama Massage therapists advertising policies accessed 10/20/2018 A person who does not hold a license as a massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or athletic trainer, or a license for an establishment, shall not use the words “massage” or “bodywork” on any sign or other form of advertising describing services performed by the person or at the establishment. Any advertisement by a massage therapist or establishment shall contain the license number of the therapist or establishment. […]

Massage Therapy CE Requirements by state (A-C)

American Massage Therapy Association Professional Membership – (CE) requirement for AMTA Professional membership? Yes, beginning with the first full year of Professional Active membership, members of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) are required to complete 48 continuing education (CE) credits every four years. Resources that meet the CE requirement for AMTA Professional Active membership must be directly related to massage therapy, be provided by responsible sponsorship, and be presented by qualified instructors. Examples include: […]

Massage therapy laundry laws

Nevada   AC 640C.240  Towels, linens and gowns; single service items. (NRS 640C.320)      1.  After a towel, linen or gown has been used once in a massage establishment, it must be deposited in a receptacle provided for soiled towels, linens and gowns and must not be used again until properly laundered and sanitized.      2.  After being laundered and sanitized, all towels, linens and gowns in a massage establishment must be stored on shelves or in compartments, […]

Equine Massage Therapy Laws

South Carolina: Scope of Practice Animal Massage (including Equine Massage) is under the jurisdiction of the Board of Veterinary Medicine and not within the scope of practice of massage/bodywork therapy as defined in this chapter although animal massage can be preformed by anyone who has obtained authorization from the animals veterinarian.   Washington State : Chapter 246-940 WAC CERTIFIED ANIMAL MASSAGE THERAPIST Complete Chapter 246-940-020 Certification requirements. To qualify for certification, a candidate must: […]

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