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Category: Scope of Practice Laws

Massage therapy scope of practice laws by state (N-Z)

Nebraska 38-1706. Massage therapy, defined.Massage therapy means the physical, mechanical, or electrical manipulation of soft tissue for the therapeutic purposes of enhancing muscle relaxation, reducing stress, improving circulation, or instilling a greater sense of well-being and may include the use of oil, salt glows, heat lamps, and hydrotherapy. Massage therapy does not include diagnosis or treatment or use of procedures for which a license to practice medicine or surgery, chiropractic, or podiatry is required […]

Internal Cavity Massage Laws

Oregon accessed 11/17/2018 334-010-0029 Internal Cavity (1) All Internal Cavities massage must be performed utilizing universal precautions for communicable disease control. (2) Internal Cavities consist of nasal cavities, oral cavities, auricular cavities, anal cavities, and vaginal cavities. (3) Internal cavity massage that must be performed using gloves: (a) Anal cavities and (b) Vaginal cavities. (4) Internal cavity massage that must be performed using gloves or finger cots: (a) Nasal cavities and (b) Oral cavities. […]

Massage therapist scope of practice by state (A-M)

Alabama Massage Therapists Scope of Practice PDF accessed 10/20/2018 THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE AND RELATED TOUCH THERAPY MODALITIES. The mobilization of the soft tissue which may include skin, fascia, tendons,ligaments, and muscles, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining good physical condition. The term shall include effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, compression, vibration, stretching, heliotherapy, superficial hot and cold applications, topical applications, or other therapy which involves movement either by hand, forearm, elbow, or foot, for the purpose of […]