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Category: History of Massage

Practical Massage: Introduction to the Private Instructions in the Art of Massage

Practical Massage: Introduction to the Private Instructions in the Art of Massage By Dr. J.D. Balkam Page 1 2 Editor’s introduction: This article comprises one of the smallest books on the subject of massage, only twenty-one pages in length. It was written by the author in 1887 while he was a practicing physician and proponent of massage in Boston, Massachusetts. It is evident from the material that he was widely read on the subject […]

The Physiological Effects of Massage by JH Kellogg

The Physiological Effects of Massage By J.H. Kellogg, M.D. Editor’s introduction: John Harvey Kellogg, M.D., (1852-1943) is best known as the charismatic director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. The “San” as it was called, featured more than 200 varieties of water treatments along with massage and other natural therapies. Dr. Kellogg’s book, The Art of Massage: It’s Physiological Effects and Therapeutic Applications, was first published in 1895. The text in this edition of […]

The Meaning of Massage and It’s Technique

The Meaning of Massage and Its Technique By Dr. Emil A.G. Kleen “MASSAGE means a manipulation or handling of the soft tissues by movable pressure in the form of stroking, rubbing, pinching, kneading or beating performed with a therapeutic aim. This is generally applied by hand, but can, of course, also be given by means of instruments and apparatus of different kinds.” Shown at left, abdominal massage or abdominal kneading. – Dr. Emil Kleen, 1888 […]

History of Sports Massage

Sports Massage has long been popular in European Countries and is a primary source of care. Trainers and coaches in the US used massage for restorative purposes, especially in boxing and track and field.   The following are key dates and milestones: Circa 400 BCE Early Greek Gymnasiums focused on exercise that consisted of wrestling, jumping, boxing, running, throwing and ball games, massage and baths 1BC – Roman Gymnasiums built for bath and exercise 1812 […]

History of the Massage profession 2010 – Present (US)

2011 – salary stats from AMTA – In 2011, the average annual income for a massage therapist (including tips) was estimated to be $21,028. 2011 – ABMP has 79,444 members (combined massage therapists, yoga instructors and others.)  See ABMP growth chart. July 2011 – International Massage Association owner – Will Green convicted of fraud.  See (website has been taken over by another insurance company)   See Massage Today Article – What Became of IMA?     […]

History of Hospital Based Massage Therapy

Massage used in India, China, Egypt, Greece and Rome in temples and halls. 4th Century – Christian houses of refuge treated the sick and dying Middle Ages – Touch used as ‘laying on of hands’ in the care of sick and dying people. 18th Century- Used in Hospitals 1883 – John Kellogg Battle Creek Sanitarium, taught nurses massage.  The Art of Massage (book) 1923 – Soldiers receive massage in medical Barracks (History of Massage) Mid […]