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A wiki is a website that the content is created by users and it usually uses specific wiki software that allows users to directly add and edit content. It requires that there be editors to oversee the content.  At this time, I am using WordPress software to create this wiki type site.  It is a read only wiki. New user accounts for this wiki can only be created by administrators. Editing rights are reserved for qualified editors.

You can add your suggestions in the comments box.  It will be considered for inclusion into the post.

This wiki is looking for specific documentation on definitions, laws and everything related to the massage profession to hopefully provide a resource for state boards that are working on rule making and to help US states to understand others laws/scope of practice etc, and to assist in the process of getting massage therapy covered by health insurance in every state in the US.

I also hope to look at what is happening in other countries with the massage therapy profession.

Help me create this resource by commenting on the various pages with information and updates on what is happening in your area.

Thanks very much!